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The Wonderful City is the destination of millions of people form all over the world. Ah, Rio de Janeiro! Impossible not to be charmed. The city's extraordinary beauty, with its beautiful beaches, lagoons and mountains make veryne fall in love. The beachfronts of Leblon, Copacabana and Ipanema, with their hectic nightlifes and busy commerce, supplement this unique scenario. Just being here is incredible and choosing the right accomodation makes all the difference. That is why we offer an amazing hotel option in Rio de Janeiro.

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Filled with attractions, Rio de Janeiro has a wide range of options to address all tastes - from the widely known tourist attractions like Christ, the Redeemer, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and the Sugar Loaf) to its wonderful beaches. Visitors can also enjoy the cities neighboring the capital, like Niterói, Angra dos Reis, Cabo Frio and Ilha Grande – other very popular tourist destinations. For nature lovers, the state's mountains and lake region standout for being filled with beautiful landscapes and green areas.

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