Tourist attractions in Ponta Grossa

The prosperity of a diversified industrial center and small-town tranquility. Those looking for tours that connect different culture, history and nature, as the State Park of Vila Velha, Ponta Grossa is an ideal destination.

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 The first shopping mall of the city with 150 stores, as well as food court and movie theaters.

Working hours:

Monday to Saturday 10am to 22h00 / Sun 14h to 20h00

Address: R. Ermelino de Leão, 703 - Olarias

Contact: 42 3224-3000


The State university of Ponta Grossa has undergraduate, qualification and graduate courses in town.

Address: Av. Gen. Carlos Cavalcanti - Uvaranas

Contact: 42 3220-3300


The bus terminal offers intercity, interstate and international travels, and underwent a major renovation in 2007.

Address: Av. Visc. de Taunay - Centro

Contact: 42 3901-7064


[STATE PARK OF VILA VELHA] - Designed to protect 18 km2 of rock formations, this park is one of the major archaeological sites in Brazil. Its attractions are divided into three categories: the sandstones (rock formations of different formats, such as a glass-like and a camel-like format); the caves (large craters with water inside and lush vegetation); and the ‘golden pond’, so called because of the color of its waters at sunset. 

Working hours:

8 am to 17:30h, but the ticket office closes at 15h30 * Closed on Tuesdays for maintenance.

Address: Rod. BR-376, S/N - km 515

Contact: 42 3228-1138 / 3228.1539

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