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Slaviero Hotéis knows that a good relationship with companies, agencies and operators is of the utmost importance in generating value and driving positive outcomes for all stakeholders. For this reason, we are continually in touch with travel agents and touridsm operators, working to promote convenience for our guests and with a view to reinforcing partnerships with clearly defined objectives and focus on good business. Become a partner agent and enjoy the advantages offered by Slaviero Hotéis.

Clarify your doubts

Learn more and clarify your doubts

Slaviero Hotéis is well aware of the importance of maintaining a good relationship with the sector as a way of driving value generation and positive results for both parties.

  1. Check out the corporate client registration instructions

    Booking is on-line and you are certain of taking advantage of the availability in real time.

    You receive your confirmation immediately, to refer to your guest.

    Easy registration: in up to 72 hours, your registration is processed and approved.

    Tariffs based on negotiation with hotel chain.

    Payment options: possibility for releasing for invoicing, on analysis.


  2. Who must I talk to become a Slaviero client?

    Slaviero Hotéis staff are prepared to address anyone wishing to work with us.

    In order to become a client, contact the Slaviero Hotéis registration sector, sector responsible for analysis and approval of client registrations, on email 

  3. Check out out hotel tariff policy

  4. If I have any doubts, how should I get in touch?

    Contact us on email:

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