Tourist attractions in Rio Claro

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Opened in 1995, it occupies the former premises of Matarazzo industry. Currently, it has more than 100 shops, an entertainment area, food court and movie theater. It offers magnificent views of the Edmundo Navarro de Andrade State Forest.

Working hours:

Monday to Saturday from 10h to 22h and Sundays and holidays from 13h to 19h

Address: Av. Conde Francisco Matarazzo Jr., 205 - Vila Paulista



Currently houses the Municipal Bureau of Tourism, a place for information and events. The building is a center of cultural and tourist activities, where exhibitions, traditional festivals and cultural performances are held. The building, listed by the State historical heritage, is an architectural landmark in the history of Rio Claro. 

Address: Rua 1, 1100 – Centro

Contact: 19 3534-1051 


[PUBLIC GARDEN] - Its landscape features give it a grove appearance, turning it into a nice place. On Sundays, it holds the presentation of the ‘Grupo de Seresteiros’, from 11am. to 1 pm. 

Address: Ruas 3 e 4/Avenidas 3 e 2.

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