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Located 135 km from João Pessoa, Campina Grande is the second largest city in the stat of Paraíba. Known as the capital of the São João festivities, visitors to the city find a lot of high vibes, culture and typical cuisine. Campina Grande is also a major technology and industrial hub of the Northeast, in addition to an important university center. If you are flying in, there is the Campina Grande Airport, only 6 km from downtown. If you do not manage to catch a direct flight, other options are the João Pessoa Airport (120 km) or the Recife Airport (183 km). The main accesses for people travelling by bus or car are BR-230 and BR-104. If you are looking for accommodation in a hotel in Campina Grande, check out our options and book right here, in our website!

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The June Festivities (festas juninas) are the city’s "flagship" attraction, since it is the venue of the World’s Largest São João (Saint John) Festivity! The main celebration is free of charge and is held at Parque do Povo (The People’s Park), but throughout the month many other celebrations take place around the city.

In addition, Campina Grande has a number of tourist attractions that make visiting it worthwhile all year long: the Parque da Criança (Children’s Village), Vila do Artesão (The Artisans’ Village) (perfect for buying souvenirs), the Popular Art Museum of Paraíba, Vila São João (former Sítio São João), Digital Museum of Campina Grande and the Central Street Mart (Museum) of Campina Grande being among the main attractions of the city.

If you are in the area, do not miss tasting the region’s typical cuisine! In addition to a number of specialties with fish and seafood, other typical local dishes are carne de sol (beef jerky), galinha cabidela (chicken prepared in Angolan style), arrumadinho and dishes with goat meat.

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