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Also known as “smile city” and “model city”, Curitiba is the capital of the state of Paraná as well as the birthplace of Slaviero Hotéis. With over 1.9 million inhabitants, the city is famous for its beautiful touristic attractions and lower average temperatures than in most other regions of the country. If flying in to Curitiba, your destination will be the Afonso Pena International Airport, located in São José dos Pinhais (metropolitan region), less than 20 km from the capital and easy access on Avenida Comendador Franco. The Curitiba Bus Sation, on the other hand, is less than 3 km from the city’s downtown region. If you are looking for hotels in Curitiba to enjoy your stay with even more comfort and hospitality, check out our units below and book right here, on our website!

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Curitiba’s tourist attractions are a show on their own! The city has over 40 parks and woods, with standouts being Barigui Park, the Botanical Gardens, the German Woods (perfect for visiting with children), Tanguá Park and Japan Square.

For those who enjoy Italian cuisine, the restaurants of the Santa Felicidade district are a must. Museum Oscar Niemeyer, known as the Museum of the Eye for its interesting architecture, is also worth visiting, in addition to the Wire Opera and the Panoramic Tower of Curitiba, and the entire downtown area, venue of beautiful historic buildings and, on Sundays, the renowned Largo da Ordem Fair.

To facilitate your visit, there are the hop on/hop off buses of the Tourism Line of Curitiba. Another tip is the train ride down to Morretes to appreciate the beautiful scenarion of the mountain range and enjoy the barreado, the region’s typical dish.

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