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Joinville is the state of Santa Catarina’s largest and most populated city. Located in the north of the state, the city is a major industrial hub and, for this reason, has a strong business travel trend. With streets decorated with flowers and a very humid climate, Joinville still preserves the characteristics of German immigration, such as the Enxaimel building style used in the city’s constructions. If flying in to the city, the destination is the Joinville Airport, located just 10 km from the center of town. Another good option is going by bus since the Joinville Bus Station is close to both, the center of town and the access to the city. For people driving in, possible access options are: federal highways BR-101, BR-280, BR-376 and BR-301. Looking for a hotel in Joinville? Slaviero Hotéis has the best accommodation option for you. Check them out below and book right here, on our website!

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