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São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil by population, as well as being the main economic and cultural center of all Latin America. It is the center of commerce, services and business, and also a complete destination for those seeking tourism and entertainment. Travelers to Sao Paulo arriving by plane have a few options for disembarking: Congonhas Airport (the most central), Sao Paulo International Airport (in Guarulhos) and Viracopos International Airport (in Campinas). If arriving by bus, your destination will be the Tietê Bus Station. Access options for arriving in São Paulo by car such as: BR-116, BR-381, SP-330 and SP-280 are some examples of highways for those who want to reach the city from other states and also from the interior. If you are looking for a hotel in Sao Paulo, check out our accommodation options below and book right now!

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